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Texas Sedge

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Texas Sedge, Carex texensis, is heat-tolerant perennial that grows well in both sun or partial shade. Native to Texas, it grows in clumps without spreading and attains a height of around ten inches. Although moist, well-drained soil is ideal, Texas sedge is drought-resistant and adapts to many types of soils. It is used as a ground cover or accent plant. Colonizing through rhizomes, it is an acceptable lawn-alternative, requiring infrequent mowing. In garden settings, Texas sedge can be cut down in winter before new growth begins. This fast-growing plant has no significant pests.
Sedge is low maintenance and thrives in drought conditions. Yellow-green in color, this plant does not have to be mowed very often.  Soil should be dry or slightly wet, making this great for the environment and a way to save on your water bill. Texas Sedge is not very picky when it comes to soil. 

Texas Sedge will survive under live trees for ground cover; it can also be used for naturalization and landscape restoration in most areas.