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Mexican Sycamore

Mexican Sycamore


Product: Mexican Sycamore

Scientific Name: Platanus mexicana

Type: Tree

Full Grown Size: Height of 50’-80’ and spread of around 30’ at maturity.

Lifespan: Between 75-100 years.

Soil conditions: Adapted to most soils, including alkaline soils.

Light requirements: Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

Water requirements: Low to Moderate watering. While considered drought tolerant, best success occurs when plants are irrigated until established.

USDA Zones: Hardiness Zones 4-10


An extremely fast-growing, upright shade tree with leaves that are very broad with a rich green color on the upper surface and a silvery underside. The bark of this tree is extremely ornamental with a mottled pattern that occurs as it exfoliates. Very well adapted to our area, we highly recommend this tree!


Of all the Platanaceae, the Mexican Sycamore is the only surviving member of this species. Trees within the Platanus family are generally considered tall, as they typically reach 30-50 meters (98-164 feet) in height. 


This species of tree, except of the P. Kerri, are all deciduous and will lose their leaves during the fall and winter seasons. 


Though these trees have proven to be drought-tolerant when cultivated, these trees are found mostly in wetland habitats in the wild. In particular, the Hybrid London Plane is especially tolerant of urban conditions. This is why these trees exist in plenty throughout London, and the United Kingdom.


While these trees are often referred to as Planes or Plane trees in English, they are also commonly called Sycamores in North America. 


The Mexican Sycamore is primarily an ornamental tree. This has added to their popularity as urban and roadside trees. On rare occasions this tree is used for timber, biomass, and medicinal purposes.


Looking further back into the history of this tree, it is thought that the Platanus provided shade for Plato’s outdoor philosophy schools.

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