Supply & Install New Trees

We grow and dig from our tree farm and several other tree farms allowing a wide selection of trees.

• Replacement of damaged trees
• Provide privacy and noise barriers instantly
• Increase property value immediately
• Save cost of planting new trees by relocating existing trees
• Provide instant shade on kids, houses, pets, decks, patios, livestock, etc.
• Tree Management
• 2 inch to 20 inch caliper deciduous or evergreen trees supplied & installed
• Big Trees 8″- 20″ Caliper, crane services, machine and hand digging available

Contact Texas Tree Farms for more information on tree planting and transplanting

Our Natural Organic Fertilizer Program

The Dirt Doctor Recommended, Howard Garrett

Looking for Natural Organic fertilizer for your garden, yard and trees?   Texas Tree Farms is applying the natural organic approach to lawn and tree care, focusing on the soil's health and its living microorganisms… The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, specialized applications of Garrett Juice, composted tea, sick tree treatment, root-flare exposure and more are now available.   Schedule your site visit today.    

Using only natural organic ingredients.

With annual contract, included is:

  1. Lawn / Soil analysis Annual
  2. Every 4-6 weeks apply natural organic fertilizer
  3. Every 8  weeks property lawn/tree inspection
  4. Includes grass/sod area, 1-flower bed and 2-trees

We can do one-time services or specific applications, please contact us for additional services.




Natural Organic Whole Yard and Trees, Grass, Shrubs

Sick Tree Treatment

Root Aeration Manually

Root Flare Exposures and Aeration using Airspade

Root Fertilize

Aeration tree

Aeration yard

Tree/Bark wound care

Root pruning

Root corrective pruning

Tree Care

Lawn Care

Shrub Care

Lawn Core Aeration