Supply & Install New Trees

 We grow, dig and locate trees from our tree farms and several other tree farms allowing a wide selection of trees.
Replacement of damaged trees

Provide privacy and noise barriers instantly
 Tree Management
 Sizes from small 1 Gallon up to giant trees 20 + inch caliper deciduous or evergreen, native and adapted trees supplied & installed
Professional Tree Planting
Transplanting Services
Native plant, bee and butterfly garden, pollinator gardens, Hummingbird
Garden Design, Landscape Design 
water-efficient plants, trees and irrigation systems
Custom vegetable and herb gardens
Natural Organic Program Available



Looking for a Natural Organic solutions for your garden, yard or trees?   Texas Tree Farms can apply the natural organic by feeding the soil when it comes to lawn and tree care, focusing on our soil's health and its living microorganisms.  The Dirt Doctor Recommended, Howard Garrett Products, specialized applications of Garrett Juice, composted tea, sugars, rock minerals, root-flare exposure and more are now available.   Sick tree treatment and more available.

 Using natural organic ingredients.

Lawn / Soil analysis Annual

AirSpade Service

Aeration - Lawn Core Aeration, Liquid and Airspade

Custom Gardening and Landscaping Services

Root Flare Exposure Aeration Manually Hand Work - precision hand work, rooting cutting, to help trees in stress or not growing.