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Mexican Plum

Mexican Plum

Common Name: Mexican Plum
Scientific Name: Prunus mexicana


Full Grown Size: Height of 15-30′ and a spread of around 20-25′ at maturity.

Lifespan:  40 + years 

Soil condition: Good clay or loamy soils.

Light Requirements: Full Sun , Part Shade.

Water requirements: Watered at least once a week.

USDA Zones: Hardiness Zones 6. 

Growing 25 to 30 feet tall with a spread of 25 feet, Mexican Plum is native Texas tree which forms an irregular canopy composed of yellow/green, shiny leaves with fuzzy undersides and thorny branches.  In spring, the trees are very fragrant, white blooms which are followed by purple/red, juicy fruits. These tart fruits can be used to make jams and jellies. The blooms make the Mexican Plum ideal for use as a specimen tree but it also is ideal for a naturalized landscape as an under story tree. The gray/black, ridged and furrowed bark is attractive, and the deciduous leaves turn a showy orange color in fall before dropping.

Fruit characteristics: color: purple; red. shape is round length is 1 to 3 inches  Attracts birds; suited for human consumption; fruit, twigs, or foliage cause significant litter; showy 

The Mexican Plum is a small tree is an excellent choice for residential landscapes.  Best to plant the tree back from the edge of a patio, deck or walk since the fruits can be a little messy for a short period in the summer or early fall. When planted in the lawn or in a bed of low-growing ground cover, fruits drop unnoticed and are of no concern. The tree can be a ‘show stopper’ when it is in bloom. It makes a nice tree for planting near power lines due to its small size.   

Natural uses from trees make a natural dye.   A dark grey to green dye can be made with the fruit and green dye can be obtained from the leaves from the Mexican Plum, a Texas Native tree.

Mexican Plum should be grown in full sun or partial shade on well-drained, rich soil but will tolerate almost any soil. It is quite drought-tolerant once established.

Mexican Plum is a native tree with fragrant white flowers that bloom in the spring. It grows to about 20 feet tall and wide. The tree produces small plums that are good for eating, making jellies and jams, and sharing with birds. The Mexican Plum is also a butterfly nectar and host plant.

Pests or Diseases None of major concern.

Texas Mexican Plum

Native Texas Mexican Plum

Native Plum

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