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Magnolia Bracken's Brown Beauty

Magnolia Bracken's Brown Beauty


Product: Magnolia Brackens Brown Beauty

Scientific Name: Magnolia grandiflora

Type: Tree

Full Grown Size: Height of 60’–80′ and a spread of around 40′ at maturity.

Lifespan: Between 80 to 120 years.

Soil conditions: Grows best in acidic (pH 5.0 to 6.0) well drained, loamy, moist, rich soils. They are tolerant of high soil moisture but cannot withstand prolonged inundation.

Light requirements: Partial shade or full sun is ideal.

Water requirements: Prefers between 40” – 80” of water each year.

USDA Zones: Hardiness Zone 6–10. Growing up to 37 meters (120 feet) tall, the Southern Magnolia is a medium to large evergreen tree. These trees typically grow upwards from a single stem and form a pyramidal shape. The leaves on this tree are generally a dark green color, with a smooth leathery texture. At first glance, the leaves can be considered ovate in shape with smooth margins.

 In late spring these trees will begin to produce large and brilliantly white flowers with a fragrance reminiscent of lemon and citronella scented. The further south these trees go, the larger the tend to be. The largest reported Southern Magnolias are said to have reached a circumference of about 18 feet!  The Magnolia Grandiflora commonly goes by names such as the Southern Magnolia, or the Bull Bay. The tree species is native to the southeastern regions of the United states ranging from southeastern North Carolina all the way to central florida, and even into east Texas!  Although this species of tree is Native to the evergreen lowland forests near the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Atlantic Coastal Plains, the Southern Magnolia is cultivated in warm regions all over the world.   With any Magnolia Grandiflora, you can expect the timber to be hard, and heavy.

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