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Apple Braeburn

Apple Braeburn


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Product:  Braeburn apple

Scientific Name:  Malus domestica 'Braeburn'

Type:  Fruit tree

Full Grown Size:  20-25 feet tall and 25 feet spread

Soil condition:  Loamy, moist, well-drained soil

Light Requirements:  Full sun

USDA Zones:  5-8

Braeburns are flavor rich and aromatic.  Blooms are white and appear early to mid spring.  Fruit is red, medium to large, oval in shape.  The flesh is cream, firm, very crisp and juicy.  Takes 2-5 years to bear.  Fruit ripens in late October.  Cross-pollination is key.  Plant one of these varieties for best pollination, granny smith, golden delicious, gala.   

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