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Arborvitae Green Giant

Arborvitae Green Giant


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Product:  Arborvitae,

Scienctific Name:  Thuja occidentalis

Common Name:  Green Giant

Type:  Evergreen Shrub

Full Grown Size:  Height 60 feet and a spread 12-20 feet


Soil Condition:  Adaptable, grows in soil types from sandy loams to heavy clays

Light Requirements:  

for Privacy, screening or windbreak.

'Green Giant' is a vigorously growing, pyramidal evergreen with rich green color that remains outstanding throughout hardiness range. It has no serious pest or disease problems and has been widely grown and tested in commercial nursery production. 'Green Giant' is an excellent substitute for Leyland cypress.

Height and width: To 60 feet tall with a 12–20 foot spread at maturity; 30 feet at 30 years. Growth rate: Rapid. Habit: Tightly pyramidal to conical evergreen tree; uniform appearance. Foliage: Dense, rich green, scalelike foliage in flattened sprays borne on horizontal to ascending branches; good winter color except, perhaps, in the southeast. Fruit: Persistent, oblong cones, approximately 1/2 inch length. Cones emerge green and mature to brown.

Requires little to no pruning.

The U.S. National Arboretum presents Thuja 'Green Giant', a large, evergreen sentinel in the landscape. An adaptable "giant," it tolerates a wide range of soil and hardiness zones and is not troubled by significant pest or disease problems. 'Green Giant' is ornamentally appealing as a single specimen, as a screen, or as a living frame for your special landscape.Evergreen screen or specimen plant for parks or large landscape settings. Suitable alternative to Leyland cypress.

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