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1 Gallon Pecan Tree

1 Gallon Pecan Tree

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This 1 gallon tree is 2 feet tall.

Pecan trees are native to northern Mexico and the southern United States, as it is primarily seen throughout Georgia, Texas, and Mexico. Texas has adopted this tree as their state tree. Mexico on the other hand is known to produce at least half of the world’s pecans. The seeds are edible nuts used in many snacks and recipes that we see today. Product: Native Pecan Scientific Name: Carya illinoinensis Type: Nut Tree Food source protein Full Grown Size: Height of 65’-130’. Lifespan: Can live as long as 300 years. Soil conditions: Best in a fertile, well-drained, deep soil with a loose to medium texture. Light requirements: Full sun or part shade. USDA Zones: Hardiness zones 6-9.

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