Eves Necklace

Eves Necklace

Eve's Necklace is a beautiful Texas native tree/bush that grows great in almost any soil type. It is a wonderful substitution for Mountain Laurel, which is very picky and does not perform well in the North Texas area.

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I planted two Eves Necklace trees on our property about a decade ago, one on the east side of our property and one along a trail on the west side. Over time, the birds picked the black “necklace” beads and as a result, we have several other Eves Necklace trees that have sprung up from the birds droppings. We now have a “hedge” of these trees along our trail, which is beautiful to see. If the “volunteers” were a problem you could mow them down easily. One year the west tree died down to the ground after a hard freeze, but came back quickly from the roots. Last February’s freeze didn’t hurt them at all. I had to cut a limb from my Red Oak above the eastern tree after a few years so it could get a little more sun, which it wanted. I highly recommend this as a nice ornamental tree, will take full Texas sun and is fun to grow.

Don Goates

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