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Yucca Yellow

Yucca Yellow


Yellow Yucca

Hesperaloe parviflora

Plant Habit or Use: small shrub to medium shrub

Exposure: sun

Flower Color: yellow

Blooming Period: spring to summer

Fruit Characteristics: woody capsule seed pods

Height: 3 to 5 feet

Width: 2 to 4 feet

Plant Character: evergreen

Heat Tolerance: very high

Water Requirements: low

Soil Requirements: adaptable

Yellow Yucca, also known as Hesperaloe parviflora, is a resilient and drought-tolerant perennial native to the arid regions of Texas and Mexico. Its long, sword-shaped leaves boast a vibrant yellow-green hue, adding a pop of color to gardens, rockeries, and xeriscapes year-round.

In addition to its vibrant foliage, Yellow Yucca produces tall stalks adorned with clusters of bell-shaped flowers in shades of creamy yellow or pale coral. These blooms emerge in late spring and persist through the summer months, attracting pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden with their sweet nectar.

One of the standout features of Yellow Yucca is its adaptability to a variety of environmental conditions. Whether planted in full sun or partial shade, in well-drained soil or rocky terrain, this resilient plant thrives with minimal care once established. Its low water requirements make it an ideal choice for water-wise landscapes and areas with hot, dry summers.

Beyond its ornamental appeal, Yellow Yucca is also prized for its low maintenance nature. With minimal pruning and occasional removal of spent flower stalks, this plant remains tidy and attractive throughout the year, requiring little more than occasional watering during extended periods of drought.


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