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Jujube Lang

Jujube Lang


Jujube Lang variety is a Texas hardy fruit tree 

Attractive, easy to grow fruit tree which is: hardy, drought resistant, virtually pest and disease free. Requires long, hot summer, think Texas heat!   This is a great fruit tree to grow in Texas.

Growing and planting zones 5-10.   Requires around 150 chill hours.   

Approximate height at mature is 12-14' tall. and 8-10 foot wide.   More upright growing tree than the Li Jujube.   Plant with Li variety for best pollination and fruit.

Fruit Lang Jujubes are also known as a Chinese Date. The fruit is sweet and chewy.  Jujube when ripens turns red-brown.   The branches are zig-zag formed with an attractive growing form.

Jujubes, a type of fruit crop, are incredibly easy to grow and rarely face issues with pests or problems. Introduced to Texas around 1875, the jujube tree can reach a height of 30-50 ft and boasts dark green leaves with a glossy surface on top and a fuzzy layer on the underside, shedding its leaves in winter to reveal an elegant structure featuring upright trunks, angled shoots, and rough bark.

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