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Crape Myrtle Black Diamond Pure White

Crape Myrtle Black Diamond Pure White


Black Diamond Pure White

Hardiness Zone: 

USDA 6 - 11

Zone 6: Perennial performance with mulch in fall

Zones 7-11: Flowering tree or shrub

Bloom time: Blooms early and all summer until the first frost

Light: full sun

Water: keep soil moist until established (usually 1 growing season), mature plants are drought tolerant

Mature Size: 12 ft. H x 8 ft. W

Prune: To shape in late winter or early spring

Botanical Name: Pure White™ Black Diamond® Crapemyrtle

Bloom Color: Pure White

Bloom Season: Late Spring – Late Fall

Foliage: Deciduous – foliage loss each Winter with new growth each Spring

Light Needs: Full sun to partial shade

Uses: Containers, landscapes, mass planting and accents

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