Xeriscaping (pronounced "zerascaping") replaces grass with low-water, low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, cacti and warm climate grasses

Xeriscaping replaces grass and sod with native low-water, low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, cacti and warm climate native grasses.  Also known as Desert Landscaping, a design which reduces watering, requiring little or no irrigation.  It's much less upkeep and Eco friendly.

Xeriscape Landscaping also refers to the art and design to minimize or eliminates the watering needed to support other types of landscaping. There are many beautiful functioning low-water-consuming plants and trees that can thrive in the dry Texas climate.

In the past couple years the Xeriscaping trend has continued to develop.  Landscape designers and installers have been constantly searching for ways to maximize rainfall to reduce the amount of irrigated water.

We take extra care during the installation process to prevent evaporation and water run-off.  We also have techniques we can use to grade the soil, utilize mulch, and aerate the dirt to hold the most amount of rainfall, while allowing adequate drainage. Water is conserved because you don’t have to use as much of it. The plants are accustomed to holding onto the little water needed for them to thrive.

Xeriscape very often includes native grasses as part of the design. 

Cactus and other desert perennials are NOT the only plants allowed in Xeriscape.

The success to water wise gardening is to put the right plants in the right locations and group similar plants with water and sunshine needs together. Every yard contains several different micro-climates. For example, plants that do well in full sun and dry conditions would do best in a southern or western exposure.

Xeriscaping is NOT native plants only. Many people are surprised that there are vast arrays of plants that are well-adapted to the Texas weather. It's not just cactus and yucca plants. There are many colorful options to liven up your yard or garden. 

Xeriscape landscape plant selections are climate appropriate plants, Some plants have blossoms that attract butterflies or hummingbirds, while other plants may attract a variety of wildlife such as dove or the Texas green frog.

With Xeriscape landscapes you can have a lawn and a wide variety of plants and flowers, not only spiny plants. We can help get you something that's not only looks good but will turn your backyard into a water conservation oasis.

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