Why use fewer fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides?

Why should I use fewer fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides?

Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are expensive and can harm both your lawn and your local ecosystems. This is why eco-friendly lawn alternatives are a great option.

  1. If too much fertilizer is applied, lawns can suffer from fertilizer burn and soil imbalances, which can stifle plant growth and kill grass
  2. Fertilizer runoff causes harmful algal blooms in aquatic environments.
  • Blooms create a “dead zone,” an area of extremely low oxygen where plants and animals either die or are left without a home.
  • Overgrown algae can release toxins that contaminate drinking water and cause illnesses in humans and pets.
  • Pesticides kill more than just the pests: They also can harm native wildlife and decrease biodiversity.
    • Honeybee and bird populations decline with the use of harsh chemicals.
    • Soil quality declines as microorganisms die. 
    • Routine application of herbicides and pesticides causes genetic resistance to develop. 
      • It becomes increasingly difficult to eliminate weeds and pests, so increasingly toxic chemicals must be used. 
      • Pesticides can be harmful to children and pets. 
        • Routine use of pesticides may increase the risk of autoimmune diseases, allergies, and inflammation. 
        • Pesticides contain carcinogenic ingredients
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