the Praying Mantis ...THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Praying mantis
Walking around the Farm the other day and we spotted this Praying Mantis clinging to a Cottonwood tree.
We have a variety of insects and bugs crawling and flying around at various times of the seasons. Each bug has a crucial role in the eco-system we have built around our Farm.  The absence of synthetic chemicals is the #1 reason why this Mantis is able to thrive here.  Synthetic chemicals literally have one purpose and that is to artificially cure and or artificially enhance a specimens growth.  If we were to use synthetics on our farm. The drastic change in the eco-system would kill beneficial insects, and allow pest to roam free and decimate our plants.
Praying Mantis on patrol
Come learn more as to how we cure bug related issues the natural way!
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