Crape Myrtle Purple

Crape Myrtle Purple

Crape Myrtle Purple

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Product: Muskogee Crape/Crepe Myrtles

Scientific Name:  Lagerstroemia

Type: Shrub Tree

Size at Purchase: 2 to 3 feet

Full Grown Size: 15 to 30 feet

Lifespan: 50 Years

Soil condition: well-draining sandy soils, mixed with loam and or clay. The pH level of the soil should be 5.5 to 7.5.

Light Requirements: full sun

Water requirements: the medium amount of water

USDA Zones: Hardiness Zones 6 through 7


    Sizes we sell at our Tree Farm:

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    Approximate Height

    • Starter $2.99: 1-2 ft
    • 1 Quart $6: 1-3 ft
    • 1 Gallon $10: 2-4 ft
    • 3 Gallon: 3-7 ft
    • 15 Gallon: 4-3 ft
    • ​Mature: 20+ ft 


    Purple/Lavender crape myrtles grow in many regions in Texas such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Purple crepe myrtles are a great spring and summertime flowering tree/shrub. The most popular variety of purple crepe myrtle is the Muskogee which can stand to up to 20+ feet tall! These trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, whether that be a park, front yard, or a cemetery. Purple/lavender crepe myrtles bring a sense of serenity will add a gorgeous array of purples to your yard.

    Muskogee Purple 3-5 gallon, single trunk 4-6 feet tall. Great root system and one of the best growers. 


    1 Gallon Muskogee


    3 Gallon Muskogee


    5 Gallon Muskogee


    15 Gallon Muskogee


    30 Gallon Muskogee


    45 Gallon Muskogee


    65 Gallon Muskogee


    95 Gallon Muskogee


    200 Gallon Muskogee

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