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Root-flare exposure with air spade

Why do you need to expose the root flare?

Some examples for needing root-flare exposure are: soil getting compacted around the roots of the tree, placing soil or mulch above the root flair of the tree, and girdling of the roots. These all will restrict the tree roots ability to absorb oxygen, water and nutrients your tree needs to survive.

  • Girdling Roots

    A girdling root is a root that grows in a circular or spiral pattern
    around the trunk or at or below the soil line, gradually strangling the

  • Symptoms

    If one side of the trunk is straight, with no natural flare, digging may indicate a girdling root below the soil surface.

    Trees with severe girdling roots may lean or completely break off.

    Reduced sap flow makes the tree more susceptible to insects, disease, and environmental stress.

  • Treatment

    Removal of large girdling roots to release compression of the trunk.

    Seriously weakened or declining trees may need to be removed completely.

Natural-Organic Solutions

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