Loropetalum: Plum Delight

Loropetalum: Plum Delight

Loropetalum: Plum Delight

Common Names:
Plum Delight, Fringe Flower, Chinese Witchhaze

Scientiific Name: Loropetalum chinensis Plum

Growing Zone: 7 – 10
Mature Height: 6 – 8’
Mature Spread: 6 – 8’
Growth Rate: moderate to fast
Growth Habit: upright

Ornamental Characteristics:
Loropetalum Plum maintains its distinctive reddish-purple foliage year around, though it is known to drop some of its leaves in winter. New growth has a bold pink shade, which will deepen to the namesake plum hue as it reaches maturity. Throughout the year, the Loropetalum will produce vibrant pink flowers with long, soft, fringe-like petals.

Soil: slightly alkaline; clay; sand; acidic; loam
Salt: low
Exposure: full sun; partial shade

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